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Create your new ACS online account with Pierce Chapel by clicking here!

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If ACS will not let you create an account, it is because:

  1. We have an incorrect email or no email for you in our system
  2. Try signing in with your formal name; if that doesn’t work, try your informal name
  3. You are not a member and must opt-in here in order to participate in ACS*
  4. You have not created a new account: ACS-Need Login

Once you are logged into your homepage, you should see:

  1. A search box to search for church members
  2. My Groups
    1. My Activities (teams and committees you are involved in)
    2. My Classes (Sunday School and Bible Buddies)
    3. My Small Groups (Any other groups you’re a part of)
  3. “I want to view” box.

This is the main page. Please explore these links and find out all that is available to you. To come back to this page, click the blue “home” button on the top left of your web browser. The directory will NOT be available until after the LifeTouch photos have been processed.

If you see that you are not listed or incorrectly listed in an activity, class or small group, please contact Katie Ingram at 706-327-9807 ext. 1 or

Click here for a full guide on how to navigate ACS

Helpful notes: Click the small pencil icon to edit/add to your profile information. The changes will be made within 24 hours.

“Unlisted” (Unl) means that information will not be public to anyone else in ACS. Mark which email address and phone numbers you want to be “preferred” and any you want unlisted.

*Please note that the directories will not be accessible through ACS until after the LifeTouch Photos have been processed.

*For active participants who are not yet members: If you are not a member of Pierce Chapel, yet are regularly involved with the church, we need your permission to share your information in our directory! Public information to the congregation includes your address, phone number(s) and email(s) (unless you mark it as unlisted). Also, everyone in a group can see all the participants in that group so that you can communicate more easily with one another. No one outside that group can see what groups/activities you are involved in. Click here to give us your consent.

Leaders and teachers: If your Small Group is not listed under “Available Small Groups” on the home page, please send your group information and roll to