College Class

The college class features lively conversations focusing on various Biblical and life lessons. Join the class for study time, fun games, and celebration doughnuts (2nd Sunday of each month)! Meets in Room 309.

The Breakfast Club

In the Breakfast Club, all ages are welcome and there is no homework! This class offers great discussions, great fellowship, and lots of spiritual food every Sunday. Meets in the north end of the Worship Center.

New Directions Class

This class is led by the pastor and is for young adults & couples who want to study, meet new people and live life together. No prior Bible knowledge required—we’re all learning! Meets in south end of the Worship Center.

Women 2 Women

This class is open to adult women of any age and stage and fosters meaningful relationships through Bible study, prayer for one another, and supportive fellowship. No prior Bible knowledge required, but please bring your Bible! You will find a group of friendly, welcoming women who are easy to connect with. Come be a part of our group! Meets in Room 305.

Pathfinders Class

This “all ages” group seeks to know God and God’s direction for our lives through various Biblical studies. Meets in Room 216.

Searcher Class

The Searcher Class is studying The Land Between. Author Jeff Manion uses the biblical story of the Israelite’s journey through the Sinai desert as a metaphor for being in an undesired time of transition. This study provides fresh biblical insight for people traveling through undesired and difficult transitions such as foreclosure, unemployment, uncertainty, and failure. Such times provide our greatest opportunity for spiritual growth. God desires to meet us in our chaos and emotional upheaval, and he intends for us to encounter his goodness and provision, his hope and guidance. You are invited!

Circle of Faith Class

This class of mixed ages studies the Bible, often using DVD-based curriculum, and always encouraging thoughtful discussion.   No prior Bible knowledge required—just bring a Bible! Meets in the center section of the Worship Center.

Waller Class

This primarily senior adult class welcomes all ages and uses the New International Bible Lesson Series. Meets in Room 215.


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