Please read the statement below and if you agree to the terms, you will be able to proceed to our secure online giving service. We are concerned about people going into debt in order to give to the church. Therefore, we recommend the use of automatic check handling (ACH) or debit cards as opposed to credit cards. However, if you are disciplined to pay off your credit card balance monthly and want to take advantage of reward plans, we offer a credit card option. Also, please be aware that if you choose either a credit or debit card option, the church incurs up to a 3% fee, whereas the ACH option only incurs a twenty-five cent fee, regardless of the amount of the transaction.

**Please note that we are not accepting payment for Wednesday Supper via e-giving at this time.**

I have read the above statement and acknowledge that the use of credit cards can lead to financial irresponsibility if not managed wisely. I make a commitment not to go into debt by using a credit card option.

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