Our Jerusalem team outdid themselves, and God blessed every minute of the recent Kingdom Rock VBS held at Highland Community Church. Here are some firsthand comments gleaned from Facebook about different people’s experiences.

Highland VBS Mission in Columbus GA iii

“…registered some precious little children today at Highland Community Church for VBS starting tomorrow!!!”-Mary Dee Wakefield

Had an incredible week at Highland VBS! I started out with 4 kids and ended up with 8 by the end of today in my crew. Great kids who were able to receive the message of how God’s love, prayer and the Bible help us to stand strong! I believe the adults received a pretty great message, too! I even brought a couple of my crew members home with me tonight. They ate dinner with me, played with the dogs and hung out. What a blessing!! I am looking forward to seeing them again at church on Sunday! –Michelle Crawford McKay

We registered people from 1 to 21, and God had a reason for each one to come and our VBS staff loved everyone of them. We reached our 100 mark on Thursday, the day we spoke of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. I sat in the foyer of the sanctuary that day and with my prayer journal prayed for every person who had come all week by name. What a joy! You could head a pin drop as Tonya Hill led the children in putting a list of their sins on the nails that had gone into Jesus’ cross and then they danced and celebrated that their sins had been forgiven. Again there was quiet in the kingdom as Rob Strickland and Lynn Meadows-White showed the drama of Jesus death and resurrection. What a week! What a glorious week it has been. –Julia Payne

“Had so much fun this afternoon with my crew at Highland Community VBS! Thank you, Ms. Julia Payne for all your prayers for us and for all your hard work!“–Meredith Ferguson Graves

“It has been awesome! One of the kids in my crew came up and gave me the biggest hug and kiss before she left yesterday and said see you tomorrow!”–Carolyn Short Dorer

“What a blessing to be there among God’s children !! The faithful adults were amazing ! Loved every minute.”–Linda Laye

“I have been blessed this week by all of the children and adults I met at Highland Community Church. Their first VBS was a success!”–Heather Arrington Childers

“It was wonderful. God truly showed up and showed out. Last count I heard was 115 children present today.”–Karen Hartin

It was a great week. The kids were very excited. I can’t speak for the other station leaders, but I think they thoroughly enjoyed imagination station. One little boy asked me if I was magical!!! It was great working with pastor Rob and his staff. They were so helpful. It was a blessing to see the crew leaders show such love and care to their crew, even when some of the kids were being a little difficult. It was a great week and I was so blessed to be part of it.–Sherry Pinet

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