Prayer pagers show others that God loves them and cares for them as they are going through a difficult experience. The encouragement and comfort they give as they beep and vibrate is immeasurable.

Please consider putting these numbers in your phone so that you have access to them easily and quickly when you pray.  Thank you for blessing these persons with your prayers and with encouragement as they each face unique trials.

Carolyn Billings    706-683-7680
Jan Greene            706-683-1547
Bill Wall                  706-683-7659
Linda Todd            706-683-7765
Laura Gardner      706-683-1576
Christie Warren    706-683-1590

1. Pray for the individual.
2. Dial the phone number beside the name.
3. When prompted, dial 111 and then #.
4. After you hear, “Thank you for calling,” hang up. They will receive the page within minutes. They will not know who has prayed for them, but they will know that someone just has.

The pager is not designed to show your name or phone number. You can page individuals as often as you pray for them.

For more info about this ministry, contact: Yvonne Proft at